2019 Rules

Download Rules: 2019 RedlineTimeAttack Rules (PDF)

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 Time Attack is a driving technique in which a driver negotiates a specific designed course in order to generate the fastest lap time. Redline Time Attack events are timed speed events in an automobile. Generally a Redline Time Attack course will feature a road course or racetrack. The driver must maneuver through the predetermined course or track performing strong driving techniques that requires advanced driving skills to achieve the fastest lap time possible. Essentially, a Time Attack race is any event featuring competing automobiles with the driver's goal is to negotiate the course loop as fast as possible without any course infractions. Not only does a driver have to hold control over his/her own vehicle, time attack also requires strong mental concentration and memorization.

 The Redline Time Attack Race Event consists of a scheduled number of two day events or “Rounds” in which drivers compete in elimination Time Attack Sessions. Drivers compete against competitors in elimination sessions on the course. Competitors progress through out the day in four scheduled Time Attack sessions. The top three finishers in each class will be crowned victors, with an over all event championship awarded to the fastest lap time for the entire event.

 The criteria for competition are as follows:

The time to complete and finish the RLTA course will determine the competitors finishing position in general qualifying and during the time attack competition sessions.

All competitors will be required to “qualify” in order to be eligible for competition. Drivers and teams will qualify on the first day of the event weekend. Drivers in each class will qualify for grid positions for the first time attack session that is held on the second day of the event weekend. Qualifying will be held rain or shine. If qualifying cannot be completed on the first day of the event weekend, or if the event is a one day event, then qualifying will be held the morning of the RLTA race day.

Anytime a driver spins out or experiences a complete stop on or off the course, the competitor may start back up and re-enter the course to continue his/her time attack session if it is safe to do so. If the competing vehicle is unable to continue or move safely back to the pit area, a black flag may be thrown if the off course car is in an impact zone or unsafe area. If a time attack session is stopped due to a back flag option, all competing cars will be re-grided and will complete the time attack session after the course is clear. Excessive spinouts and loss of control of a competing vehicle may result in disqualification. If competing cars go off course to “cut the course” in order to achieve faster lap time and brings any debris onto the course surface, that vehicle will be disqualified.  

Several official Redline Time Attack spotters will be staged throughout the course. Spotters will note any course infraction any competitor may comment. The spotters will immediately communicate the course infraction at end of the run to the Chief of Scoring or other appointed RLTA official. Any driver found violating course rules will be disqualified from that time attack session.

Competitor vehicles cannot be serviced by their crew during the competition of a time attack session. This includes tire changes, tire pressure adjustments, suspension adjustments, fueling, etc.

5 drivers for each class and division will compete in the final time attack battle.
The very last time attack session of the event day will be open to ONLY the top 5 drivers of each class and division.

 G) Championships
RLTA will award a Championship and Championship Award to the drivers earning the highest point total in each division of each class. *See official RLTA rulebook for Championship points info.